Corporate Communications

Before I ventured into living the freelance lifestyle, I was IT and Media Manager for a well-established non-profit organisation. During this decade of service, I sharpened my skills in IT systems management and communications strategy, with a keen focus on using mobile technologies to disseminate information.

Over the past five years, I’ve gone on to help a number of businesses analyse and augment their media and communications strategies. I have experience in:

  • Data collection, coallation, and compilation, of annual reports.
  • Content generation for corporates, SMMEs, and agencies, including creating content for internal and external communication channels. This includes: mobile applications; email newsletters; blog posts; media releases and marketing materials.*

Social Media Content Creation & Community Management

As a ghostwriter for many companies and agencies, I’ve helped brands make good use of online platforms to further extend their engagement with online audiences. I regularly create unique content calendars for a number of niche clientele to use on their social media channels. I also undertake online community management and help clients implement effective digital strategies.

For a full portfolio, please contact me here.

*Please note that, owing to the confidential and/or sensitive nature of some projects, I cannot share details relating to some of these. Non-Disclosure Agreements are not something that I’m scared of signing, and I strictly adhere to specified terms and conditions. Should this frustrate you in any way, please accept my advance apologies, but I don’t break confidentiality agreements for anyone – that’s exactly why my clients hire me.