During my years working in the NGO/NPO sector, I worked from Webmaster, up to Head of Comms, Media and IT (Senior Manager level) at the Centre for HIV/AIDS Networking (HIVAN), later called HIV-911, and info4africa. I have included some links to samples of media and communications work here. This role involved everything from data quality assurance, IT management, proofreading, editing, content generation, and much, much more – including stakeholder liaison. As I worked at and with the organisation for 12 years, the portfolio is vast, and I would hate to overwhelm you, so these are just a small sample:

Moving into my work beyond 2012, I have been involved in writing, content strategy, and heading up content teams for (All content you see on these websites has been crafted directly by me, or edited by me. In these companies, I have played (and for some continue to play, and others are not listed here, as NDA applies) a role as Fractional Head of Content on a contract basis. I am also currently involved as such for a few other clients. All client-crafted content for these also has had my hand over or within it: 

I have also worked as a columnist for a range of digital platforms, with a variety of niche and general audiences, and have regularly created SEO copy articles for:

Many other magazines, newspapers, websites, digital platforms, and more, have been part of my journey too. As a proficient and experienced writer and editor, I’ve worked across print and digital with ease and efficiency. 

I’ve also edited more than 15 books (with 3 currently in the pipeline), with a focus on assisting businesspeople and faith-based leaders to bring their words to life and print. Here is a selection of those:

Pro-Bono work over the years has included assisting Happy Tails with sub-editing services too.

Through Bulldog Content Development Studio, as Director and Head of Content, I rely upon a team of expert freelancers when additional resources are required. These freelancers are experts in their field, and have a renowned reputation for delivery.

For an updated portfolio, please contact me via email or visit my LinkedIn profile.